Cleaning cast iron pipework

Estate management company



Project Type

Pipework cleaning

Equipment Used

High pressure jetting, electro-mechanical cleaning, drainage CCTV

Onsite Duration

2 days


East London


We were asked to visit a residential development in East London to clean approximately 40 metres of cast iron drainage pipework following several blockages.

Situated in the basement car park, the DN100 and DN150 cast iron pipework transports foul and surface water separately into the public drainage network. Due to the depth of the public sewer, it is fixed to the wall instead of at ceiling level.


The pipes had become partially blocked by an accumulation of wet wipes, grease, and scale.

First, we used high-speed electro-mechanical cleaning to core the pipes. This easily broke down the deposits without damaging the pipework.

Once the deposits had been broken down, we employed high-pressure jetting to flush it through to the main sewer. Tarpaulin was laid down during works to prevent the risk of mess.


The pipes were thoroughly and methodically cleaned so that wastewater can pass unimpeded, preventing further blockages.

The pipework is situated in a basement car park

Fixed to the wall due to the depth of the sewer.

After high speed electro-mechanical cleaning

Cleaned pipework after jetting

Our high-speed pipe cleaner.


High-speed electro-mechanical cleaning

Our high-speed pipe cleaner will quickly remove blockages and hard deposits from any pipe up to DN150 without damaging the pipe itself.

We employ a variety of attachments for different pipe materials, diameters, and tasks. It’s the perfect choice for removing concrete, scale, fat and wipes, and can be used for root cutting and reinstating.

For further information or to schedule a visit contact Neil Cox at or 01442 211554.