Clearing a flooded basement

Third party service provider



Project Type


Equipment Used

Tankering, jetting, overpumping

Onsite Duration

3 days


East London


Our client, a property and facilities maintenance company, asked us to attend site in East London. An undercroft was flooded to a depth of a metre. The water authority had identified a leak which was the partial cause, but could not access the space to conduct repairs until the water level was lowered. While not immediately apparent, the undercroft extended under several buildings including a pub, a six-storey residential block and several retail units.


Through a combination of tankering and overpumping, we were able to lower levels enough to gain access safely. As well as revealing how vast the undercroft was, it revealed a catalogue of problems which would need to be addressed. Due to a collapsed archway sections of the undercroft remained inaccessible.

In addition to the burst clean water pipe, broken and corroded foul pipes were discharging into the chamber and the floor was covered in a thick deposit of waste.

We found the undercroft’s manholes which were blocked with fat and wipes. Through a combination of suction and high pressure jetting we unblocked the line to the main sewer. This allowed the remaining liquid waste to drain away under gravity.


A major clean-up operation will remove the solid waste. This will be followed by structural repairs and extensive repairs to the foul and clean water pipework.

A view into the flooded undercroft

Before overpumping the undercroft was flooded to a depth of about 1 metre
Setting up the overpumps

Setting up the overpumps
The undercroft after overpumping

The undercroft after overpumping
The undercroft after overpumping

The undercroft after overpumping
A blocked manhole

A blocked manhole
Clearing the manhole

Clearing the manhole (suction)
Clearing the manhole

Clearing the manhole (jetting)


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