Complex drainage survey for iconic office building

Main contractor



Project Type

Network mapping

Equipment Used

Drainage CCTV, Dye Testing

Onsite Duration

20 days


City of London


An iconic 11-storey building on Fleet Street is undergoing a complete refurbishment. As part of this process, the building is being stripped back and any existing services assessed to see whether they should be repaired or replaced.

We were asked to undertake a complete survey of the wastewater pipe system. This will allow the developers to repair or replace any defective pipework while it is accessible.


We employed a combination drainage CCTV, dye testing and direct inspection to map the network.

Our push-rod CCTV camera system automatically generates reports greatly speeding up the process and ensuring nothing is missed.

As our engineers methodically mapped the network, they attached tags to the pipework on each level. This will enable the project’s contractors to easily relate the network to the plans we generated.


We will return to the site soon to undertake high speed electro-mechanical (Picote) cleaning of the pipework we surveyed. This will remove any corrosion or debris, and will also facilitate any CIPR patch repairs or CIPP relining that may be required.

CCTV image showing pipe partially blocked by debris.

CCTV image showing pipe partially blocked by debris.
Pipe at high level with identity tag

Pipe at high level with identity tag
Inspecting a high level pipe.

Inspecting a high level pipe.
Visual inspection of cast iron pipe

Visual inspection of cast iron pipe
All pipes were tagged

All pipes were tagged


Complex CCTV surveys and network mapping

We will fully map the location of drains, sewers and manholes on your property along with direction of flow using state-of-the-art CCTV without the expense or disruption caused by excavation.

Surveys can locate broken pipes and displaced joints, blockages and points of ingress by rodents.

We can determine whether you or the water authority is responsible for each section’s maintenance, and whether a “build over” agreement is required when planning an extension or other building work.

For further information or to schedule a visit, contact Neil Cox at or 01442 211554.