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Project Type

Cleaning and Jetting of Foul Chamber

Equipment Used

Combination Tanker and Jetter with Drainage Camera

Onsite Duration

1 day




A 2.5m deep large foul chamber with two submersible pumps, at the base of a two-storey basement requires regular PPM cleaning due to the nature of the waste from several food outlets and public toilets. This requires a confined space entry team, a combination vacuum tanker capable of removing the waste within the chamber and a jetting facility that is suitable for 65mm diameter pipework.


The confined space team remove all debris from the chamber and then jet wash the chamber, removing all waste via the suction hose. The discharge pipework and manifold is then jetted along its entire length to the terminal pump station. Upon completion a CCTV camera is then used to ensure that the pipework is cleaned and there are no other issues. This video is then available to the client for their records.


The management company is able to manage the waste entering the chamber and alleviate the potential for failure of the system and thus mitigate emergency attendance costs and time delays, for routine planned maintenance.



Drainage Cameras

Drainage cameras are used to assist in locating any blockages, prior to high pressure jetting and then checking the system after the blockage has been removed. Drainage camera reports can be written using the latest WinCan software and sent directly from site to the client for review.