Residential Development – London

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Project Type

Cleaning of Fire Sprinkler Chamber

Equipment Used

Combination Tanker and Jetter

Onsite Duration

1 day




A 4.5m deep large fire sprinkler reservoir chamber at the base of a three-storey basement required cleaning of all the residual construction debris, prior to a specialist rendering company attending site to seal the formed concrete chamber. This required a confined space entry, a combination vacuum tanker capable of removing waste 21 metres below ground level and a jetting facility suitable to remove panned clay and soil material.


Due to the location and the nature of the site, the cleaning works had to take place on a Saturday, along with traffic management for the tanker to be parked on the roadway. The confined space team removed all large items of debris from the chamber and then jet washed the chamber, removing all waste via the suction hose. Upon completion a video was recorded by Edincare for the main contractor to pass onto their rendering contractor, to detail the exact works for the rendering.


The main contractor was able to expeditiously coordinate the next phase of the works for the rendering to take place and communicate the exact site conditions to alleviate any time delays to their project and the consequential related costs.



Confined Space Working

Within the waste water industry there are many locations that are defined as confined spaces.

At Edincare we take confined space working extremely seriously and ensure that all of our personnel that are likely to work within or around confined spaces are fully trained. In the first instance we always look to design or engineer out the requirement for entry into a confined space. But, this is not always possible. In this instance we will write and communicate to all employees and clients, a safe system of work for each situation and provide the correct working, safety and rescue R.P.E., P.P.E. and equipment for that entry.