Tankering and jetting a severe blockage

Sandwich shop chain



Project Type

Drainage services

Equipment Used


Onsite Duration

1 day




Our engineers were called to repair a leaking grease trap in a central London fast food outlet. They quickly identified the true cause of the problem was not the Edincare-installed equipment but with the broader drainage network under the site. Large amounts of fat, grease and dried solids had accumulated and was causing the store’s own systems to back up. The entire local drainage network would require a thorough cleaning out.


  • We inspected three manholes and also the rodding eyes located on the soil stacks to confirm the extent and severity of the blockage.
  • Our engineers worked on Sunday to minimise the disruption to staff, as the tankering and jetting lines had to be run through 100m of corridor to reach the manholes.
  • Each manhole was lifted and cleaned in series, followed by jetting of the drainage channel to the next in line.
  • Each incoming spur to the manholes was also jetted back.
  • The drainage route was then jetted from the grease trap through to the local manhole for the main sewer network.


After thorough testing of all of the kitchen’s drainage system, our engineers confirmed it was draining freely and there was no further backing up of waste water into the grease trap.



Edincare Drains provides a complete in‑house tankering, jetting and drainage CCTV service to the residential, commercial, hospitality and retail industries, as well as the public sector.

Our engineers are fully trained in all aspects of working with drainage systems, gas detection equipment, confined space entry procedures and all relevant health and safety legislation.

As well as responding to emergency call-outs, we offer service agreements to provide planned preventative maintenance.

Edincare Drains is an Environment Agency registered waste carrier.

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