Two months support at a gas works

Third party service provider



Project Type


Equipment Used

High-capacity combi-tankers

Onsite Duration

2 months




During an emergency call out at natural gas distribution site, Edincare Pumps discovered a foul water pumping station’s pump had failed and was beyond repair. Until the replacement pumps were installed, Edincare Drains periodically tankered the chamber.


Edincare Pumps attended an emergency call out at natural gas distribution site at the request of their client, a third-party service provider.

A foul water pumping station had failed and the chamber was full. We immediately tankered the waste to prevent a flood.

Replacement parts for the pump proved to be difficult to obtain from the manufacturer, with quoted lead times of up to 5 months.

Whilst a solution was organised, we provided regular tankering visits every two days to prevent flooding. Approximately 2,000 gallons of foul waste were removed per visit, ensuring the site could operate as normal. The visits were scheduled for early morning to minimise disruption.

These visits took place from the start of December through to the beginning of February using our high-capacity combi-tankers.

To avoid further delay, it was decided that the above ground pump should be replaced with a submersible pumping station. Installation took place over 3 days with one of our tankers on site to ensure the chamber remained clear.


Our regular tankering visits ensured that the site was safe from flooding by sewage and could operate as normal over a two-month period.

Our 18-tonne and 26-tonne tankers have the capacity to empty the 2000-gallon chamber in one visit. This, along with attending site early in the morning, minimised disruption to the customer.

Early morning visits minimised disruption

Approximately 2,000 gallons where removed per visit

Tankering allowed the site to operate normally

Tankering visits continued for 2 months.



This project clearly demonstrates our commitment to providing a professional and reliable service to our customers.

Our fleet of service vehicles mean that we can deliver regular long-term support without impacting other clients.